Course title "Tanoshii Nihongo" Basic 1-A Course (30 hours)
Class schedule Tue-Thu-Sat, 4:00 - 6:30 pm (12 classes x 2.5 hrs/class, total 30 hours)
Class period Nov. 8 (Tue) - Dec. 8 (Thu), 2016

P4,500.00 (P1,000 reservation fee, P3,500 on 1st day of class)

*EARLY BIRD PROMO: Pay in full by Oct. 21 (Fri) for only P4,000.00! (Save P500!)

To enroll Visit our office, or enroll online! (Deadline: Nov. 4, Friday) www.cebunihongo.com/enroll/
Venue Innosoft Solutions office, Innosoft Bldg. (across Jollibee V. Rama, beside Chinabank), Corner V. Rama Avenue & R. Duterte St., Guadalupe, Cebu City
For inquiries

(032) 266-3773 (office), 254-0577 / 0922-814-8987 /

0920-274-6747 (PhilNITS Secretariat)

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1 What Do You Mean? 【これ、なに?】5W3H
2 Call Me, Maybe 【でんわばんごう、おしえて!】Phone number, age, money, time
3 Voltes V

【ごにんのなかま】Hiragana & Katakana

4 Calendar Girl 【いっしゅうかん】Days of the week/month, months, birthday
5 We Are Family 【かぞくはなんにん?】Family members, work & school
6 Survivor 【なにをする?】What do we need to do to survive?
7 Can't Buy Me Love 【いきたい!】< I will / won’t / want to / can / let’s > go!
8 Please Don't Go 【かって〜】Making requests
9 My Favorite Things 【これ、かわいい!】Things I have, things I like, and why
10 I Believe I Can Fly 【ビサヤ、できる?】Skills & capabilities
11 Tell Me Your Name

【はじめまして!】Talk about ALL OF THE ABOVE  in Nihongo!


"むずかしいことをやさしく、(Make difficult things easy,)

やさしいことをふかく、(Make easy things meaningful,)

ふかいことをおもしろく、(Make meaningful things interesting,)

おもしろいことをまじめに、(Make interesting things serious,)

まじめなことをゆかいに、(Make serious things fun,)

そしてゆかいなことはあくまでゆかいに (And fun things, fun.)"

- 井上ひさし (Hisashi Inoue)